KSC Master Plan

The ksc master plan

Kennedy Space Center is the world’s preeminent launch complex for Government and commercial space access, enabling the world to explore and work in space.

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Learn more information about KSC's background, mission, and process that went into constructing the Master Plan 

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Executive summarY

Download the PDF to see what NASA's KSC has planned for its future as a space port of the 21st century 

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ksc center director

Watch the KSC Center Director talk about the future of KSC and American space flight
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Current state

Kennedy Space Center’s current planning state includes information about existing conditions and variables that can directly influence future planning at KSC. The Current State reflects a traditional inward look at KSC’s existing infrastructure as well as an innovative outward look at the space launch market and its needs into the future.  Connecting KSC’s existing resources and infrastructure with the needs of our partners serves as the foundation of the KSC Master Plan.  The strategies developed support the goal to enhance the multi-user spaceport by maximizing the future value of our existing facilities and infrastructure while minimizing impacts to our protected environment and the success of NASA missions and programs.  

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The implementation of the master plan has developed KSC from a government-only space launch complex to a one that facilitates the largest concentration of space launch operators in the world.  The transition to a multi-user spaceport has been supported by the implementation of the Master Plan’s Operating Models.  The Operating Models aim to identify the steps necessary to build on 50 years of American success exploring our heavens.  

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Future state

The Future State is the continued evolution of KSC as a multi-user spaceport.  The future state aims to further support the development and operations of all of our partners by streamlining regulations and oversight to enable all users to maximize innovation and grow the space launch market.  Through the combination of these efforts and strategies, KSC will continue to be an environment that government, commercial, and academia are able to be successful and will ensure that KSC will continue to be humankind’s starting point into the universe. 

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