Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Vision and Mission


KSC is the world’s premier multi-user spaceport for government and commercial space access, enabling the world to explore and work in space.


KSC safely manages, develops, integrates, and sustains space systems through partnerships that enable innovative, diverse access to space and inspires the Nation’s future explorers.

Core Strategies

To support KSC's vision and mission and incorporate the needs and interests of all stakeholders, the planning team has been guided by the following core principles in the formation of the Master Plan:

  • Align with NASA’s Mission and strategic goals and support local NASA programs.
  • Respond to KSC’s challenges and objectives.
  • Support implementation of the agency’s facilities strategy.
  • Ensure responsible stewardship of the natural environment.

Our Asset Strategy

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Our Central Campus Strategy

Take a look at our future plans for the central campus


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Our Sustainability Strategy

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the environment

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