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Launch Vehicle Processing

The team at KSC has decades of experience in handling large launch vehicle elements, with engineering expertise and multi-discipline services for human and expendable launch vehicle processing operations, including:  assembly, integration, testing, servicing, launch and recovery of flight elements delivered to KSC.

Capabilities / Services  

  • Full range of processing/integration facilities
  • Engineering support, with emphasis on mechanical, fluids, electrical and software disciplines 
  • Real-time anomaly resolution
  • Spacecraft / launch vehicle integration
  • Propellant servicing / de-servicing, with expertise in cryogenic and hypergolic fuels
  • Terminal launch countdown system expertise
  • Access to KSC via road, rail, air, sea or space
  • Ascent imagery analysis
  • Broad range of vehicle transport equipment
  • Test facilities for launch equipment and spaceflight hardware
  • Non Destructive Evaluation lab
  • Meteorology Expertise


  • Modifying KSC infrastructure / ground support equipment to support NASA Space Launch System
  • Supporting Orion Program assembly, testing and launch operations, including successful launch and recovery of Exploration Flight Test-1 in December of 2014 
  • Successful water recovery of 260+ Solid Rocket Boosters during Space Shuttle program


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