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Standards and Calibration Lab

ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 and Z540.3 compliant calibration of analytical, chemical, gas, and particle counter equipment, torque and gas flow, load cells, pressure transducers, gages, humidity and temperature, and electrical measuring and test equipment. 



  • Direct Current: DC voltage, current, and resistance
  • Alternating Current: AC voltage, power, current, phase, capacitance, inductance, frequency, and field strength
  • RF and Microwave: RF power, attenuation, network analysis, rise time, and modulation
  • Photometric, Radiometric, Fiber Optic: Luminous intensity, luminance, illuminance, spectral radiometry, fiber optic power and attenuation, fiber optic wavelength
  • Video: video waveform amplitude, burst frequency error, differential gain, noise spectrum analysis, video frequency
  • Thermodynamics: temperature sensing, humidity, dew point, infrared radiation, flow (GN2, GHe, and air), liquid flow (H2O)
  • Mass, Force, Torque: mass, force, torque generation and rotational speed
  • Dimensional:- length, parallelism, ID, OD, flatness, angle, optical alignment, and surface texture
  • Pressure, Vacuum: static pressure, vacuum
  • Miscellaneous- sound pressure level, vibration pickup sensitivity, gas detection
  • NIST-traceable standards for dimensional, pressure, mass, temperature, and electrical disciplines
  • Direct Current- Josephson Voltage Standard, Voltage Divider, Fluke 752A, American Reliance PLA 4K-400-360, Standard Resistor/Precision Multimeter, Standard Resistor and DCC Bridge
  • Alternating Current-Fluke 792A AC/DC Transfer Standard, Fluke A55 Thermal Converters, Fluke A40B Shunts, Pacific Power Source 140AMX, Phase Meter, Phase Generator, Capacitance Bridge, Standard Inductors, Cesium & GPS Receiver w/ Time Interval Analyzer, Reference Magnets
  • RF and Microwave- Thermistor Mount, Power Sensor, Coaxial WGBC Piston Attenuator, Attenuation Measurement Receiver, Agilent N5230A/N4690B Type N, Agilent E5071C/85092C Type N, Entegra 1240,Agilent N5531S Measuring Receiver
  • Photometric, Radiometric, Fiber Optic- Standard Lamp (Illuminant 'A'), Standard Photometer & Lamp, Standard Detectors and Directional Transmitting Standard, Standard Lamps and Monochromator, Fiber Optic Power Meter, Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzer
  • Video- Video Amplitude Calibrator, Video Waveform Monitor
    Thermodynamics- Comparison bath & Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Two-Pressure Dew Point Standard, Black Body Source, Laminar Mass Flow Standard, Sonic Mass Flow Standard, Liquid Flow Prover
  • Mass, Force, Torque- Reference Masses, Balance, Comparator, Class F Weights, Comparison to Reference Load Cells (Tension and Compression),Torque Testing Machine, Torque Moment Arm & Weights, Tachometer Calibrator
  • Dimensional- Gage Blocks and Length Interferometer/Comparator, Length Laser System, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Master Thread Wires, Optical Alignment Gage, Flatness Interferometer, Optical Reference Plane, Electronic Level, Angle Generator, Autocollimators, Angle Blocks, Surface Analyzer and Roughness Blocks
  • Pressure and Vacuum- Manometer, Deadweight Piston Gage, Electronic Pressure Controller, Spinning Rotor Vacuum Gage, Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
  • Sound- Standard Microphones
  • Gas Detectors- Standard gas mixtures of oxygen, ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, isobutylene, pentane, halon, and hydrogen; pH Buffer solutions; Halogen Leak Standard; Latex/Polystyrene Particles; Box Irradiator



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