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Vibration Lab

Launch Environment

Launch vehicles, space craft, payloads and equipment at the launch pad are subjected to intense acoustic environments during launch, and so must be tested for vibration endurance.  Kennedy Space Center (KSC) offers a wide range of vibration and shock testing. KSC uses several specifications, both military and NASA, for the testing environments. KSC laboratories provide an array of vibration testing on materials, hardware and equipment.

Typical vibration tests performed at KSC include:

  • Random
  • Random on Random
  • Sine on
  • Sinusoidal Random
  • Shock
    • Classic (half sine, saw tooth, etc.)
    • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
    • Imported Pulse
  • Superimposed
    • Random on Random
    • Sine on Random
  • Gunfire
  • Sine Burst

The Vibration Laboratory has a surplus of previously used fixtures, which may be altered to accommodate future customer requirements. This is a customer friendly solution to low budget testing.

Typical Closed Loop Vibration Test System



We are experts in all launch environments including: 


    Atlas IV
    Delta II
    Delta IV






    Minotaur C






    Falcon 9



Lockheed Martin

    Athena I
    Athena II



Constellation LX


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