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Advanced Plant Habitat (PH) Engineering Development Unit (EDU)

The Prototype Development Laboratory (PDL) provided significant support during the development of the Plant Habitat EDU.  The Plant Habitat will be a large growth chamber on-board the International Space Station to learn the effects of long-duration microgravity exposure to plants in space.  It will be the first Kennedy-led space station payload of this magnitude.  The PDL designed and fabricated the composite material growth chamber and fabricated many of the remaining components of the unit.  The Lab also provided review and consultation on “design for manufacturability” to other engineers on the design team throughout the design process.  The PDL was instrumental in resolving issues encountered during the fit check and assembly of the unit, including rework of the test stand and the Structural Mounting Assembly.

Growth Chamber Plant Hab

     Composite Growth Camber                             Initial Fit Check of Plant Habitat

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