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Rocket University EMIST

The Rocket University (RU) students teamed with a NASA microbiologist and a research scientist from the University of Florida on a project called Exposing Microorganisms in the Stratosphere (EMIST), which was successfully deployed with a NASA balloon on August 24, 2014. 


The purpose of the experiment was to expose known quantities of terrestrial microorganisms to the stratosphere and investigate how the microorganisms can adapt to and survive exposure to extreme conditions.  The study of microorganisms are beneficial in human activity (human exploration), whether it is in the human body itself or whether it is in a plant-growing system that might be used to regenerate oxygen, water or food for humans.  The RU engineers were tasked with designing, fabricating, (with the help of the Prototype Development Laboratory), and testing the payload that housed the experiment.  The principal investigators considered the project a huge success and continue to analyze the data that was collected.

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