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Energy Florida

Energy Florida is an industry-led nonprofit consortium that is identifying, creating, catalyzing and realizing innovative energy opportunities for the Space Coast and Florida.  From January of 2013 to June 2014, Energy Florida and Kennedy Space Center were partners under a Non-reimbursable Umbrella Space Act AgreementEnergy Florida (SAA) as part of an effort to jointly develop the Space to Energy Regional Innovation Center (RIC) that sponsors, supports and accelerates the commercialization of emerging energy products.  “Kennedy has been known as an aerospace-focused place, but those skills have a broad applicability for other things,” said David Mandernack, project director for the consortium.  He added, “areas commonly considered for technical research at Kennedy tend to focus on energy-related ideas, such as biofuels, advanced batteries, hydrogen storage, solar array panels, super-conducting magnets and turbines for generating power from the wind and other natural sources.” 





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