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Sierra Nevada Corporation

On Feb. 25, 2014, NASA signed a Commercial Space Launch Act Agreement (CSLA) with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), allowing the aerospace company to access Kennedy Space Center (KSC) resources to support commercial launch processing activities for its reusable spacecraft, called Dream Chaser.  The company’s Space Systems division designs and manufactures advanced spacecraft, rocket motors, spacecraft subsystems and components for the U.S. Government and commercial customers.  Under a Space Act Agreement (SAA) signed June 13, 2011, SNC has been able to take advantage of development support at KSC that provided manufacturing of thermal protection system test articles for SNC’s Dream Chaser test program.  “By adding the Kennedy Space Center, with its highly experienced technical staff and world-class facilities, to the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser Program we blend the best of both the NASA shuttle heritage alongside the best of industry practices,” said Mark Sirangelo, head of SNC. 


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