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Technology Transfer Kennedy Space Center

NASA’s Technology Transfer Program was designed to Facilitate the transfer of NASA technologies to private industry, universities and startups who can utilize and expand upon the existing intellectual property, in order to maximize the benefit of NASA-developed technology to the nation and create economic development through entrepreneurship. All of the technologies, developed at NASA’s ten field centers, are listed on the Technology Transfer Portal. Browse the catalog or search by category/keyword to find the technology or technologies that best suit your needs.




NASA’s Spinoff is an annual publication that highlights the technologies from NASA’s aerospace program that have made their way into other industries
and are benefiting life on Earth.

NASA Spinoff 2019

Patent Portfolio

The NASA patent portfolio is available to industry through partnerships and licensing agreements ensuring that NASA investments in pioneering research find secondary uses that benefit the economy, create jobs, and improve quality of life.

Patent Portfolio

NASA Software Catalog

The 2019-2020 NASA Software Catalog offers hundreds of new software programs you can download for free to use in a wide variety of technical applications

NASA Software Catalog

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