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The road and bridge network serves all facilities and operations on Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. KSC has 1.5 million square yards of parking areas, 2.8 million square yards of roads, six major automotive bridges, and one Railroad Bridge that serves KSC and CCAFS.


The KSC road network consists of 564 miles of roads, including 184 miles of paved roads, 380 miles of unpaved roads, and many other trails and access roads. Most paved roads on the center are bituminous surface material constructed on a lime rock base and compacted soil sub-grade. Typical design standards for primary roads and highways on the center include 12-foot wide lanes with sand stabilized turf shoulders. KSC’s main arterials, Kennedy Parkway and NASA Parkway, are separated by 30-40 foot and 10-20 foot medians respectively. Kennedy Parkway serves as the primary north-south arterial connecting the Industrial Area and the LC-39 area while NASA Parkway provides access to CCAFS to the east and Titusville via the Indian River Bridge to the west.  Secondary and access roads to specific facilities are designed to accommodate the anticipated type of traffic and payloads that reach each facility.


Given KSC’s location on Merritt Island, bridges support all vehicular access to the Center. Bennett Causeway (SR 528) and Max Brewer Memorial Parkway (SR 406/402) were built and are maintained by FDOT.


Seven main bridges support operations at KSC (six automotive bridges and one railroad bridge):

  • Haulover Canal Bridge
  • Indian River Bridge - Eastbound
  • Indian River Bridge - Westbound
  • NASA/Kennedy Interchange Bridge – Eastbound
  • NASA/Kennedy Interchange Bridge – Westbound
  • Banana River Bridge
  • Jay Jay Railroad Bridge


The Indian River Bridges connecting NASA Parkway with south Titusville have the largest volume of daily traffic. These bridges also support hurricane evacuation procedures for north Merritt Island via SR3/Space Commerce Way.

The Haulover Canal Bridge is the northernmost access point to KSC and has the smallest volume of traffic for all bridges. If the bridge is removed or is impassable because of extended maintenance, the detour using the U.S. Route 1/SR 402 route to the northernmost security entrance to KSC at Gate 4 adds over eight miles to the route or approximately 10 minutes of commute time.

All KSC bridges are Department of Transportation (DOT) rated for standard loads.



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