Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Pre-2012 Land Use


Central Plants

There are two (2) main Central Utility Plants (CUP’s) at Kennedy Space Center that provide hot water and chilled water to multiple facilities. Several facilities have their own smaller, dedicated plants that are not part of this summary.

Industrial Area Chiller Plant

The Industrial Area Chiller Plant (IACP, M7-0407) provides chilled water to eight facilities in the north portion of the KSC Industrial Area. Facilities served include the KSC Headquarters Building (M6-0399), O&C (M7-0355), and SSPF (M7-0360) and other buildings in this area. The IACP was constructed in 1992. Chilled water is produced by six (6) electricity-driven, centrifugal chillers. There are four (4) 1,875-ton chillers and two (2) 2,500-ton chillers for a total capacity of 12,500 tons. The IACP has been the subject of previous studies KSC-DX-83651 and KSC-TA-12054.

VAB Utility Annex

The VAB Utility Annex (VABUA) provides chilled and hot water for building heating and cooling for various facilities in the Launch Complex 39 Area. It was built in 1966 and is located just southwest of the Vehicle Assembly Building. It provides chilled water to more than a dozen facilities. Only five of the facilities served use both chilled and hot water from the Annex. The other remaining facilities, which are located south of the Annex, utilize only chilled water.

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