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Assembly, Testing, and Processing

Assembly, Testing and Processing includes facilities, operations and land areas that are essential to space vehicle component assembly, integration and processing prior to launch. Laboratories, material support and interface testing to achieve final assembly, test and closeout to prepare and test payloads, space systems and systems components for flight and integration, which may include hazardous commodities, are also included in this clarification. Primary uses and facilities support both government and commercial capabilities for payload assembly, integration, and processing; the development and testing of launch vehicle or spacecraft equipment at the component or system level; post-flight servicing and refurbishment activities; and spaceport operations. Secondary uses and facilities include associated and compatible manufacturing, logistics, or technical support functions. Quantity Distance (QD) arcs, other safety setback, and exposure limits are considered restrictions on the use of land adjacent to the Assembly, Testing and Processing Area. Land within these restricted areas is not designated as part of the Assembly, Testing and Processing land use."


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