Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Commercial Assets

Consistent with the Core Strategies of the Master Plan, produced immediately after the retirement of the shuttle program, KSC released a Notice of Availability (NOA) seeking potential industry interest and uses for center assets no longer required by NASA.  Numerous assets and infrastructure have since been divested to non-NASA users. 

All entities (including non-NASA) must abide by federal law for safe workplace operations at KSC.  “Commercial Operating Zones” (COZ) can be implemented that allow commercial entities the opportunity to conduct work in adherence to essential federal law and their own organization’s safety programs.  NASA safety requirements for these zones include a minimum set of policies that ensure hazards are communicated when they impact outside of a partner’s property.  These requirements are defined in NASA KSC’S KNPR 8715.3 Volume 3 Safety Procedural Requirements for Partners Operating in Exclusive-Use Facilities.

KSC continuously assesses its asset inventory to determine which assets are no longer needed by NASA and could be better utilized by commercial users.  These efforts are coupled with market analysis to evaluate industry demand, forming a divestment strategy for each facility that meets both of these criteria.  A competitive announcement in the form of a NOA, Request for Information (RFI), or Announcement for Proposal (AFP) is released to determine what assets and/or land has been identified for divestment. 

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