Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Multi-Use Assets

As KSC continues to enhance the multi-user spaceport, commercial users are increasingly sharing assets and working in closer proximity to existing NASA operations.  Sharing services, resources, and personnel will grant NASA partners a greater opportunity to take advantage of KSC’s unique infrastructure.  KSC continues to refine its strategy to determine which facilities and property are appropriate for shared operations.  These multi-use facilities are classified as Industrial Operating Zones (IOZs) and are governed by adapted safety policies that accommodate a partner’s safety programs.  NASA’s safety requirements ensure that coordination between NASA operations and partner operations is communicated effectively, and both entities are protected from shared workplace hazards.  These requirements are defined in NASA KSC’s KNPR 8715.3 Volume 2 Safety Procedural Requirements for Partners Operating in Joint-Use Facilities.   


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