Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Central Campus Future Land Use


Land Use Description - The area identified as Central Campus will be utilized as a means to consolidate NASA operations into a smaller more cost-effective operational footprint. The Central Campus land use includes all non-hazardous NASA operations that occur in support of NASA missions and programs. Ideal land uses for consolidation include: Administration, Research and Development, and non-hazardous Support Services.

Future Development - The area will be populated over the planning horizon and beyond to support any non-hazardous new NASA development in support of NASA programming and/or as part of the KSC’s recapitalization process. Facilities that are meant to be relocated to Central Campus through recapitalization efforts are NASA facilities being utilized for Administration, Research and Development, and non-hazardous Support Services functions that have aging-related operational inefficiencies and excessive maintenance requirements whose relocation would support decreased CRV and O&M costs.


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