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Horizontal Launch and Landing


Land Use Description - Horizontal Launch and Landing includes pavements, infrastructure, facilities and land area directly related to horizontal launch and landing operations. Horizontal Launch and Landing includes all paved runway surfaces, aprons, or similar runway features primarily associated with the Shuttle Landing Facility. Imaginary surfaces related to airfield safety clearances consistent with FAA clearance criteria and requirements, Quantity Distance (QD) arcs, launch and landing hazard impact limit lines, other safety setbacks, and exposure limits are considered restrictions on the use of land adjacent to the Horizontal Launch and Landing Area. Land within these restricted areas are not designated part of the Horizontal Launch and Landing land use.

Future Development - Apron areas supporting the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) are intended to be expanded to accommodate future horizontal launch and landing activities and customers along with associated support facilities. Expansion of these capabilities is expected to be consistent with the recommendations outlined in the 21st Century Launch Complex Area Development Plan (April 2012). Initial development will be focused on the east side of the runway and future development, if required, will be accommodated to the west side. Over the long-term, additional horizontal launch activities could potentially take place in an area identified south of Beach Road within the “Notional Future Horizontal Launch Area” overlay.  As part of the PEIS process, this land use area was reclassified as ‘operational buffer/conservation’ due to the public’s concerns regarding access to Canaveral National Seashore and the existing supply of horizontal launch and landing capabilities at the SLF.  This overlay was created due to the potentially emerging market demand and flight technologies that could develop within the 20-year time frame.



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