Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

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Operational Buffer

Land Use Description - Buffer land area is submerged, vulnerable to inundation by rising water whether the result of storm event or climate change, or is a high-value uplands habitat for species of critical concern, such as the Florida scrub jay. Two sub-categories of Operational Buffer are designated, including conservation and public use.

Operational Buffer/Public Use

Operational Buffer/Public Use areas correspond to publicly accessible areas of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Cape Canaveral National Seashore for recreational use in the northern portion of KSC, as a conditional use subject to the operational activities associated with KSC’s mission.

Operational Buffer/Conversation

Operational Buffer/Conservation areas correspond to land areas in the southern portion of KSC that may never have been developed, or sites that may have reverted to a natural environment over the years.

Future Development - Development in Operational Buffer areas may include infrastructure, operations of low impact, or small footprint facilities that may be required for support of space launch or landing operations.

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