Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Research and Development

Land Use Description - The Research and Development (R&D) land use classification includes non-program specific laboratories, related facilities and associated land areas that perform research, experimentation and testing in support of developing new technologies, procedures and products to enhance existing and future programs at KSC. Light industrial and manufacturing functions, as well as commercial uses may also be accommodated within R&D land use areas. Integration of educational institutions offering advanced degrees in disciplines supporting space-related research and development activities provide added enhancement and support reinforcing R&D collaboration between KSC, private industry and the educational community. Examples of R&D land uses include chemical, physical standards and laser testing laboratories; bio-agriculture; ecosystem studies; missile research and testing facilities; centers for experimentation; innovative science and technology; and life science activities accommodated in Exploration Park. Future Development - Additional R&D development will be directed to the Industrial Area with non-NASA development designated for west of C Avenue or within Exploration Park in order to provide separation from NASA operational areas. New NASA R&D facilities and recapitalization of existing NASA R&D facilities will be directed to Central Campus in the designated area east of C Avenue.


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