Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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KSC is supportive of the potential opportunity to expand the rail network that currently terminates in KSC’s Industrial Area, in order to provide connectivity to Port Canaveral and mainland rail networks via the Jay Jay Railroad Bridge, pending results of an ongoing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) being conducted by Port Canaveral and the Surface Transportation Board.

  • This potential divestiture could maintain rail capability at the Center, while minimizing the cost to NASA programs. An expanded rail connection to Port Canaveral could be achieved using easements on KSC land.

  • Future planning and ongoing maintenance for any additional internal rail connections and the rail easement extension to Port Canaveral could be managed by Canaveral Port Authority, given their interest in creating a linkage to the main FEC line in Titusville.

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