Kennedy Space Center Master Plan

A New Generation...A Multi-User Spaceport

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Dedicated NASA Programs

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Multi-User Spaceport/NASA Programs Integrated

The Multi-User Spaceport/NASA Programs Integrated operating model fully leverages all assets and developable land, with NASA serving as a tenant under a Spaceport Authority.  Assets and infrastructure vital to NASA’s mission would serve as the spaceport’s anchor tenant while non-NASA entities not inhibiting NASA’s operations would have greater operational autonomy to conduct a variety of operations.


  • Continued focused support of federal programs balanced with more robust commercial opportunities
  • Sustain, grow and enhance assets required to support NASA programs and diversified commercial programs
  • Available federal funding supplemented by private and public revenue streams from diversification opportunities
  • Divest balance of assets not needed to support continuing NASA programs (transfer or demolish)
  • Reactivate mothballed assets to support spaceport activities and needs
  • Highest and best use of all assets and land resources achieved by fully leveraging all available facilities and developable land to take advantage of more diversified development opportunities


NASA Operations

  • Expanded easements and agreements to continue leveraging of land area resources
  • Operates program-specific assets
  • Funds operations and maintenance and infrastructure for program/capability specific tasks and facilities (High-bay, Pad, etc)
  • NASA becomes tenant at spaceport

Non-NASA Operations

  • Spaceport Authority operates KSC
  • Self-sustaining
  • Ability to raise capital/bonds for development/improvements
  • Market-based pricing in effect
  • Commercial standards apply
  • Entity pays all infrastructure charges associated with asset
  • Spaceport Authority proposes, reviews & approves agreements


Operational Initiatives


OI-1 | Full adoption of a customer-centric business model to ensure position as private sector first alternative

  • Fully integrate policies and procedures consistent with marketplace expectations, including pricing structures, approval procedures, and operational regulations.
  • Continue to update and publish a “menu” of core services and facilities pricing that is standardized.
  • Achieve streamlined approval process to the greatest extent possible by negotiating and approving agreements at the local level.
  • Provide ancillary amenities to tenants such as on-site dining, service facilities, or recreational opportunities.
  • Follow established business practice policies and procedures that reinforce KSC as a business-friendly location.
  • Continue communication of the terms of any agreements with non-NASA tenants to NASA personnel who will implement the agreement so they can respond appropriately to tenant requests.

OI-2 | Use all available legal and administrative tools to support commercial efforts

  • Use advantageous Space Act Agreement property agreements, Enhanced Use Leases, and out-grants through the National Historic Preservation Act as appropriate for tenant contracts.
  • Structure all agreements with non-NASA entities to include profit-sharing partnerships in addition to standard lease agreements.
  • Use templates for legal agreements with standardized terms and conditions that can be modified as necessary for each negotiation.

OI-3 | Negotiate and administer Commercial Space Launch Act (CSLA) agreements at a local level

  • Spaceport Authority director has the authority to negotiate leases.
  • Promote liaison coordination with NASA Headquarters for commercial agreements.
  • Use Space Act Agreement, Enhanced Use Leases, and National Historic Preservation Act administrative and legal tools to supplement CSLA agreements if they are more beneficial to KSC.

OI-4 | Leverage legitimate private sector competition to promote business with non-NASA entities

  • Continue efforts to review existing policies regarding competition with the private sector for appropriate guidance.

OI-5 | Continue commitment to commercialization with clear and consistent leadership vision

  • Spaceport Authority leadership has decisional authority to continue implementation of the vision for transition to a multi-user spaceport.
  • Decisional authority is the primary point of contact for issues related to the transition to a multi-user spaceport.
  • Continue integration of updates to the strategic plan to support the transition, including goals and objectives, initiatives, actions, responsible parties, schedule milestones, associated costs, and projected revenues.
  • Continue coordination and amendment of KSC tactical map to support clear definition of strategic imperatives required for both non-NASA, programmatic launch activities and non-NASA, non-programmatic activities.

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